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"My taste is Sotheby's, but my budget is Target."

- Shelley Wright, Artist and Curator

What defines it as "Original"?

Work that is sold through The Wright House must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The one and only version of the work

  • Intentionally limited edition, high quality print of the original that was approved by and/or made by the artist, preferably signed with edition numbers

  • Vintage or out of print versions of artwork, high quality, not mass produced

  • In media such as printmaking and photography, where it is inherent to have multiple copies, the editions must be limited, and must be high quality prints approved by and/or made by the artist

Why Original Art?

To support the arts​;

To know that what you have purchased is meaningful;

To make your surroundings that much more enjoyable!

Why Affordable Art?

Because everyone should own original art!

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