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Meaningful Artwork


Funding for Education

Be the Elephant in the Room


Ruby the elephant resided for nearly 25 years in the Phoenix zoo where she painted through her loneliness and became the center of attention. First, in a not so pleasant way. But when her handle to showed her encouragement and positive outlets with paint, brushes and canvas, she became an artistic star, and helped raise money for the zoo’s endangered animals fund.


One of my first art purchases of my adult life was a signed, limited edition print of a painting by Ruby (above). How cool was that? I hung it in a noticeable spot near the dining room table. When people would visit, the painting became part of the dialogue. Being abstract, I was always being asked “what is it?” However, “what” was not important, but rather, “who?” Ruby is who. The elephant. Now we had a conversation on our hands.


Not only was Ruby relatable, and her story inspiring, but how awesome is it to buy art that also gives back? Ruby’s paintings raised over $500,000 for the Phoenix Zoo and started an elephant painting craze.


Read Ruby’s story


The Wright House strives to match you with that memorable piece that strikes up a good conversation...a piece of artwork that makes you happy and proud you bought it.

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Andrea Mancini | Paintings in Transcendence

Andrea Mancini is a Florentine illustrator, painter, and art educator. Andrea currently creates illustrations for creative advertising and fashion companies, teaches fine arts, and is a brand ambassador for Wacom Europe. Traditionally he works with a wide array of mediums including oil, pencil and textile. However, watercolors, both traditional and digital, are his preferred medium. This is his first collection of natively digital artwork.


While Mancini developed an admiration of Pop Culture through his various travels to lively cities such as Paris and New York, he found that he could better express his ideas through paintings. He wants to show us that first impressions in art are the best; meaning that he works quickly in the “alla prima” style. From his technique, you get a sense of reality, and that what is, is. He very rarely goes back on a piece. Because Mancini’s works are not so technical and detail oriented, the viewer is able to develop their own interpretation. “The paintings are blurred, not so defined. Everyone can recognize themselves” is what Mancini had to say about his rapid technique used in his figure paintings. He focuses on lighting, shadows and depth. 

About Andrea Mancini

Paintings in Transcendence at Ganzo


Proceeds from this collection of Andrea Mancini's work go to fund FUA scholarships.

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Artists and Collectors interested in consigning work with The Wright House should set up a free consultation by contacting Shelley at
While the artists and collectors do benefit from the sale of this work, most have opted to donate a significant amount of the proceeds to a charity of their choice.
Funds for Education

As advocates for higher education, the Wrights have been involved in raising funds for college scholarships. Two organizations they have worked closely with are the Evans Scholars Foundation, and Florence University of the Arts.


The Evans Scholarship, named after Chick Evans, is a full housing and tuition college scholarship awarded to golf caddies with limited financial means. Evans Scholars are selected on the basis of strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character and demonstrated financial need. Since 1930, over 11,000 outstanding young men and women have graduated from college as Evans Scholars.


The transformation students go through while studying abroad is truly life-changing. After witnessing this experience first hand through a partnership with Florence University of the Arts (FUA), the Wrights immediately became advocates for students to go abroad, to explore other cultures and to redefine themselves. 


Students enrolled in FUA’s book publishing program over the past decade produced work that has been curated with the intention of raising funds for student scholarships. These students want to help others have the same opportunity they did. Proceeds from these photos go to fund FUA’s scholarships.

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